Monday, December 16, 2013

Swatch! Jane Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Acacia

Hello all my pretty Sirens! 

This is just a quick swatch of Jane Cosmetics eyeshadow in Acacia. 

(bronzy gorgeousness!)

(indoor swatch)

(outdoor swatch)

 I havent posted an official review of the eyeshadows yet ( I'm so behind..I could have sworn I did!).  But I can say that above it was two swipes of an eyeshadow sponge. The color itself is a beautiful bronze color (that I'm loving more and more for my deep brown eyes).  I'll be testing this (and the grey shade I bought) out shortly!  I know its a neutral bla bla ( I have a friend who complains that all I wear is neutrals!).  I'd like to pick up a bright color.  Maybe a nice purple to go with Pantone's Color of the Year?

Jane is a brand exclusively to Ulta and it's been revamped!

$8 @ Ulta
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