Saturday, October 13, 2012

Quickie! Swatch & first impressions: Loreal Project Runway Blush in The Muse's Blush

Hello all you Sirens!  Today I have for you some swatches for you of another Limited Edition Project Runway Blush.  I  found all of my items at a local CVS.

Click to enlarge:

The Muse's Blush is an orangy/peach color.It looks positivly lovely in the pan, however as you can see swatched, it's very sheer.  I actually love the look of this on me, but it takes some layering.  The blush this time around is much harder then last year's releases. I'm not sure about the rest (since I haven't been able to find any others), but the texture of this blush is definitely different. I have one still from last year, and its much softer.  You have to work much harder with this blush to get any color on your brush.  That said, once its applied it adds a nice glow to the cheek.  While my camera refused to pick it up, it does have some slight shimmer in it, but its definitely not overpowering.

Is it something worth hunting? Umm..maybe.  If you cant resist anything "Limited Edition" (I admit I cant..), and dont mind a blush that may take some work then, yes. Hunt away.  However, the color isnt unique, and can be found across many other brands, so if you cant find it..I'm not sure you're really missing anything.

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