Thursday, December 29, 2011

Love Rant! Maybelline Color Explosion Luminizing Eyeshadow

Here it is! Another Love Rant. Not a review..these are things I'm currently using..and loving.  I'm still a newbie beauty blogger, so I admit, I have trouble posting things that I dont like..but ..I'm sure that will come with time.

(as you can see by the dust..theyre well used and loved)
(L-Caffeine Rush : R-Amethyst Ablazed)

Anywho, I LOVE these eyeshadows. I know they're new, and came out in 2011, I believe the summer (but don't quote me on that).  There are 5 shades total : Caffeine Rush, Pink Punch Amethyst Ablazed, Blue Blowout, and Forest Fury.  I only have 2..The first one I picked up was Caffeine Rush, which is a nice palette of nudes/browns.  I love eyeshadows that are mistake proof, yet let you play around.  On the back , if you peel back the sticker with the bar code, underneath it'll explain what each shade is for.  However, if you dont want to do all that..I've done it for you here:

You don't necessarily need to follow the guidelines.  By now most people will know I LOVE purple eyeshadows.  Ive used the crease color on my lid, and used the lid color in my crease.  I love how versatile, and blendable they are.  They really are a very good quality.  They dont lose their vibrancy either when blended which is great.  There's no fallout with these (although I have to admit , I haven't used the luminizing color yet..), and they stay put for a good while.  About 5 hours, no creasing, but some fading.  Over  a primer I get a good 7/8 hours, which is great. 

 I love both shades.  I got Caffeine Rush for myself, and my amazing cousin (who knows me so well:-)  got me the purple.  I wore the purple the very next day, and loved it! 

(Caffeine rush)

(Amethyst Ablazed)

These pictures truly don't do these justice.  They look very matte in the pictures, but I can promise they're not.  They all have shimmer in them (especially the very top color above the liner color), and apply and blend like a dream.  

I like these so much..I may pick up the pink and green shades next..;)

Let me know what you all think!

They retail for about $10.99 at CVS & Walgreens.  


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