Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick Review & Swatches! Loreal Paris Color Riche Eyeshadow- 841 Because I'm worth it


Hello all! I have a quick review for you all today! Loreal's New Color Riche eyeshadow palette in "Because I'm worth it".  I've been playing with it for a few weeks, and I'm ready to give my take on it.


(swatched top to bottom-yes there are four colors there..not just two)

What Loreal Says: "Discover three statement collections to inspire endless must-have looks. Colour Riche Eye Shadow offers expertly coordinated compacts with shades to be worn alone for simple looks or all together for complex looks.

Impact guaranteed with these crease-resistant compacts that last all day." (source)

There are 20 different palettes to choose from, and I should have known better then to pick this one.  The shades all look the same in the palette, so I should have known they'd all be the same when I applied them on my eyes.

  The texture is actually very nice, and the pigmentation (despite what you see above) isnt that bad.  The problem with this palette is that all the colors are basically the same, and so when you use them all together, they become muddy and you have shimmeryness on your eye, and nothing else.  I'm truly hoping that the other palette I picked up is much better , because I was dissappointed in this.  

*Also..just a warning-the bottom two shades have glitter in them..lots of glitter...

I wish I knew how long this lasted, but the truth is I dont know.  I wore this all day on my eyes, and because I could barely see it there in the beginning, I couldnt tell if and when it creased or faded away.

Overall: I'd say pass on this.  The eyeshadows are ok , but the colors are too similar, and there are way better drugstore eyeshadows to choose from then this.  

*All opinions are my own

.17oz/$7.99 @ Walgreens

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