Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Merry early Christmas to me!

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Sephora Sample

Why hello there! Welcome back!

Today I have for you some goodies I bought myself from Sephora.  A few days after my birthday I received a VIB Coupon.  It was 20$ off a purchase of 50$ or more and I knew exactly what I wanted:

Naked 3. 
I just had to be patient!  Patience is a virtue, and I'm not sure how I made it, but I did.  I work until midnight some nights, and so I decided to finally use my late night to my advantage.  See, Dec 6th was the day Naked 3 launched on the Sephora website.  So yes.  When I got home at 12:15 you bet your butt I went on and bought Naked 3.  I also used my points and got a whole bunch of other goodies that I'd like share with you .

So yes!  I scored a Naked3 Palette.  Believe me, its much more gorgeous in person then the photos show.  I'll have some photos of the inside (and some swatches) when I'm able to give it the attention it deserves (and utnil then, I'll be opening it up and staring at the pretty inside!). 

 Along with the palette, I also picked up some samples, and this rockin' Sephora Iphone 5 case.  Who knew they had those?! The case was 250pts and unlike the Too Faced Iphone case that came with the Jingle All the Way palette, this one is actually sturdy and protects my phone.  Its awesome.  

The perfume was one of those "pick up 3 samples" deals and it actually didnt smell too bad.  The buxom eyeliner was a treat, though its small, its quite nice! The Cover FX Mattifying Primer (top right) was also a whim purchase.  I think it was 100pts.  I like trying stuff that's mattifying.  Samples are nice because you're not committed to the whole tube if you don't like it.  

So there it is.  My Christmas gift to myself.  Whats on your list? 

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  1. I also ordered the Naked 3 right at midnight when it launched on I was so afraid it would sell out and I wouldn't be able to get my hands on it for months (like when the first Naked palette came out).

    1. Me too for that exact reason! Its so pretty though I havent gotten around to using it . Though Christmas is coming up, so I may have to break it in then!


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