Monday, February 17, 2014

Siren Makeup Looks Different! Some News & A Poll!

Nothing to Disclose

So.  I've made a decision.  I'm going over to Wordpress. I like how clean and simple the templates are over there, and I'm hoping to clean up the blog a bit.  I'll make sure to add a Google+ button so everyone can follow me there.  Also, follow me on Bloglovin'!  (I love Bloglovin').  Until then, Siren Makeup here will be quiet on the reviews and major posts and also a bit plain looking (as you can see).  However once I get everything all moved over and whatnot, I'll let you all know and you can check out my new site!

What can you expect over at Wordpress & Why do I want to swtich?

You can expect the site to be cleaner, and sleek looking (the menu functions will be at the bottom of the page, instead of cluttering up the side).

I'm switching over for two main reasons.  1) I like the functionality, and would like for Siren Makeup to be a bit more professional looking.  & 2) Eventually I'd like to get my own , and this is the first step!

So with ALL that in mind, I made a little poll! You tell me what you want to see on Siren Makeup!!

What would you like to see on Siren Makeup? free polls 

If none of the answers above are for you, or you want to add your own..tell me in the comments!

So I know this was a bit long, but thanks for hangin' in there, and I cant wait for you all to see the new site!
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Friday, February 14, 2014

Quick Review of Revlon Shadow Links in Purple & Java!

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Hello again!  I'm here with a quickie quick review of two more Shadow Links from Revlon.  This time in Purple (yes, thats the name) and Java.  I originally wrote a review of Taupe (you can see it here).

Happy Valentines Day & Notd!

Nothing to Disclose

Happy Valentines Day my little Sirens! Today I have a Valentines Day Mani for you!  Valentines Day is always associated with red, and pink.  Truthfully, I wanted to go for a matte red mani, but can you believe it?  I don't have any red polish?!  So I decided to go for matte purple.  I used Revlon Top Speed polish in Sugar Plum, and then Wet and Wilds new Matte top coat (which is an amazing buy for 2$!!)  The polish leaves a little to be desired, since after 2 coats you can see where it didn't apply as evenly, but I love the matte effect on them.  Its different and I dig it

 What about you? Did you pretty up your nails for Vday?

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