Thursday, December 12, 2013

Review & Swatches! New Revlon Shadow Link in Taupe!

Hello all! Time for another review!

Today I'm reviewing one of Revlon's new eyeshadows.  It's a Shadowlink.  I unfortunately don't have a picture of the display (Nouveau Cheap does here though).  The idea behind this is that you pick 2,3,4...shadows and link them together to create your own palette.  I would have loved to pick up more then one, but the display I found in Ulta was already picked over.

So lets get to it!

What Ulta says! (It's not up on the Revlon site yet!) "Mix and match to customize your palette* Interchangeable shadows easily snap together or come apart* Rich color pay-off in a variety of finishes from matte to sparkle* All day wear" (source)


(indoor/no flash)

(Right link side)

(left link side)

My Thoughts
*Sigh* I so wanted to rock this and love it, but I havent yet found a Revlon eyeshadow that I love.  As you can see from the swatch above it was totally sheer (that was 2/3 swipes of a shadow sponge).  As for wear, it was OK, but not amazing (and definitely not all day).  It lasted maybe 4/5 hours before fading.   I used this over Covergirl's  Flamed Out Shadow Pencil in Melted Caramel.  Much much better.  I actually got 7ish hours of wear when worn over that, with no creasing.  Using the taupe colored base also made the color stand out a bit more. I found the eyeshadow itself to be a bit hard and dry.   

The color itself is a standard brown based taupe.  Nothing to yell home about, and can be found in much better forms elsewhere .  After playing around with this for about a week, I realized it looked similar to Wet and Wild's Nutty .  It was an eyeshadow single that I believe is discontinued and I cant find anywhere!  So I did some comparison swatches.

*Update: Nutty is not discontinued.  Just incredibly difficult to find

( Nutty shattered!  The day it cracked, I died a little inside..)

(Nutty on left/Revlon on right)

As you can see they look similar in the pan, but WnW just has such a better color pay off.  Where the WnW was smooth and creamy (and a friggan dream to use), Revlon was hard and dry, and I had to pack on the color to get it to show up. 

Overall: I wasn't impressed.  Its priced at 2.99, so if you think a standard eyeshadow palette has 4 shades, that 12$, when WnW Comfort Zone (my all time fav drugstore palette ever), is only 5$.  I wasn't too happy with the Taupe, though I will be using it for work.  I'd be interested in picking up one more color to see if its a one off, or all of them.  But, I'd say pass on Taupe.  Its dry, and has very poor color payoff.  

2.99@ Ulta
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  1. That's such a shame the colour payoff simply wasn't there - the shade looked so promising in the pan! But at least you managed to prolong the wear time with a crayon underneath.

    1. I love shadow crayons! I was so sad that this was so sheer. I hope its just the shade and not the whole line. I havent been able to find any more in my area but when I do, I will post!


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