Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love Rant: Got 2 Be Oil-licious Styling Oil

Hello All!!
Time for another Love Rant.  The place where I rant on about something I've fallen in love with, and oh I in love with this.  Its Got 2 be Oil-licious Styling Oil.

Its new for 2012 and its 4oz of  styling oil goodness.  I picked two of these babies up during a buy one get one free for Got2be at Wags. I have dry, thick, course hair, that I've tried to tame for YEARS.  I've tried many (many many) different things to get my hair super shiny and smooth, and for some reason, my hair has been resistant to all of them-untill now. 

This is made up of Argan , White Grape, and Marula oil.  It also smells strongly of coconut, even though its not made with any (wierd eh?).  I put a quarter size of these in my palm (I have VERY long hair), rub my hands together, and comb through while my hair is still damp.  I then straighten as usual, and ..VOILA.  My hair is GORGEOUS.  Everyone..yes..I'm looking at you..go and give this baby a try! (unless you already have oily hair in which case..this may not be for you..).  However everyone forth!

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