Monday, June 6, 2011

Covergirl Natureluxe Mascara Review!!

I am SOOO incredibly excited to be reviewing this!!  I'd been waiting anxiously for these to release, and the fact that my hubby found them (and then bought them for me..) is insane. He is the best.  However, on to my review!

The open one is the Waterproof black, and the unopened is the brown/black (also waterproof).  I asked for the waterproof since it is almost summer, and waterproof also means..sweat proof..which is important.
I was most excited about the mousse formula.  The problem I have with most mascaras is that most of them clump on my eyelashes , even the ones that have "special brushes" and non-clumping formulas.  All I'm asking for is mascara thats not clumpy, and makes my lashes look natural, and thick. Is that too hard?

Well, I've found it!

You could tell the formula was different as it came out of the tube. Normally I'd have to tap off the excess mascara, but there was none of that here.  It also went on SUPER smooth.  A few swipes on each of my eyes and it was done.  It took a little bit longer to dry then my other mascaras but that was fine (sometimes I get the smudges on my glasses lenses, not cool). But my eyes looked GREAT.  Even my husband commented on how pretty my eyes looked (and for a guy to notice..thats saying something).  It was a super hot day, and even going out with my daughter, and sweating, the mascara stayed on without smudging.

So the final verdict?

This mascara is great!  Its non-clumping, it goes on smooth, and the waterproof is actually waterproof.  It'll make you lashes longer, and thicker , while keeping them natural looking .  This is a great addition to the CG Naturluxe line, and I will DEFINITLY be repurchasing. 

5/5-Hubby Purchased.


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