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Review! Covergirl & Olay's New Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation

Hello all!  This is a review of CG and Olays new Tone Rehab foundation. Truthfully I got this back in Jan when it first released, however, I'm super picky about my foundation, so admittedly , it took me a while to review it.  Forgive me? Aww I knew you would!  Before I review this..I just wanna give a small background on my skin situation.  Its normal-to-oily..but mostly oily.  I also developed (I guess sometime after college..) a smidge of rosacea in my cheeks, and they have a perpetual flush to them.  I like being able to even that all out.  But I also need something gentle so the rosacea doesnt flare up.

All that being said, I was super excited to try this foundation.  I tested this out a few times during the week, doing different things to see how it'd hold up.  I also wanted to know if it really would make my skin even and natural looking. Now that I've worn this for about 2 wks ..lets see how it turned out!

The foundation itself is a foundation + serum.  A serum is NOT a primer.  A serum helps nourish and hydrate the skin. A primer just helps create a smooth canvas.  The Covergirl website says : "COVERGIRL & Olay combine foundation and hydrating serum to cover fine lines and wrinkles and helps hydrate to improve skin tone over time."  .  I'm down for improving skin.  Who wouldnt be?

(Tone Rehab 105-Ivory)

Packaging: The foundation is in a nice pump bottle. I love not having to pour out my foundation (definitely more hygienic this way). As for the bottle itself, it is see through.  The two come together to create one unified color.  I dig the packaging. 

Color: I chose the lightest shade - Ivory.  The CG site says 104, but obviously its a misprint because all the bottles I've seen say 105.   As color matching goes, its a 9.5/10 for a match.  Its got a bit of a slightly yellow cast (very slight), but I've noticed that with a lot of CG foundations. Swatch Time!

Consistancy/Performance: The foundation itself is a little on the thick you can see above from the second picture.  Dont let the picture above scare you though!  That was me just rubbing it around my hand with my finger.  When I applied this (I used a damp foundation sponge), it applied like a dream!  It went on smoothly and evenly with no streaks.  It did very well at covering up my imperfections, and the flush to my cheeks? Gone! Well..mostly gone.  It left them the way they used to look..which is slightly pink..and not much more.  I could actually use a brighter blush and not look like a clown!  The foundation itself has a pretty good wear time..about 6/7 hours on me.  I have super oily skin, so that I'm sure affected it.  My skin felt super soft while wearing this as well.  

As for coverage I'd say its sheer/ medium.  It can be built up for more coverage (as I did on my cheeks), and it blends really well. As for it improving my skin tone over time..I cant truly attest to that. I only wear foundation 2/3 days a week, and generally not in a row.  I can say that my skin right after taking off the foundation did look much better and more even (if only for a little bit). 

Overall: Overall, this is a great foundation, and I'm very happy with my purchase.  This and the new Maybelline ..Mouse foundation are my two go-tos right now.  I'd definitely check it out.

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  1. I am trying now myself. I agree with all above but would add: many foundations these days have a touch of light diffusion. This does not. So I like the coverage and finish, but there is no masking of lines, etc. Oh well.

    1. I agree. It doesnt really make your face just creates an even canvas. Its nice though that it doesnt feel super heavy.


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