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Review! Bare Escentuals Bare Minerals Matte SPF 15 Foundation in Fair

Hello all!  I'm back with another review!  Two weeks ago (after returning from the doomed trip to the Poconos), I went on a little Sephora shopping spree.  The beauty adviser there ended up recommending me Bare Minerals foundation in Matte.  I admit I was excited. Its one of the most popular mineral foundations around..they have rave reviews online, and its hard to ignore the commercials and adverts in Allure and Glamour.  My only question was.."Is this worth all the hype? & Is it worth the $30 I shelled out for the foundation?  Well, after using this for 2 weeks straight (a record for me!)  I think I have an answer!

Heres what the Bare Escentuals website has to say about this foundation : "Award-winning bareMinerals® MATTE SPF 15 Foundation gives you all the flawless coverage you want and lasts up to eight hours. Lightweight minerals buff on beautifully, absorbing excess oil without drying out your skin. This versatile weightless foundation provides adjustable sheer-to-full coverage for a flawless look, yet doesn't feel like you are wearing any makeup at all. Formulated without preservatives, it's powered by ActiveSoil Complex, clinically proven to minimize the appearance of pores in as few as four weeks" .  The beauty advisor also mentioned it'd help even out my skintone a bit, and help reduce some of the redness in my cheeks. I was sold..but how did it do?

(click to enlarge)

Packaging: It comes in a sifter that you can open and close.  To apply you open the sifter by turning it, and tap some of the foundation into the cap.  A little goes a long way!! The beauty advisor at Sephora repeated that about 3/4x, and she is correct.  You only get 6gr (.21oz) of product, but since you're using so little, it should last a while.  Even with the sifter though things get a little messy when closing it..it puts out a little bit of dust (no fun).  

(foundation with the sifter closed w/ cap)

(foundation w/ sifter open- see the mess!)

Color: I got color matched in Sephora, so I'm shade Fair.  However, I did go to the Bare Escentuals site, and did the color matching there, and it came out the same.  Just in case you cant make it into a Sephora, its nice to know you can do it online as well!  The color on me matches perfectly.  The best part is it hasnt oxidized..so the color I chose, and put on my face, is what I got.  Win!

(swatched in direct sunlight)

(indoor lighting)

Performance: I think I was expecting this to be like every other mineral foundation I've used.  You know..sorta sit on my face..not really blend well. Oxidize (turns darker..).  I also wasn't sure if it was going to help with the redness in my cheeks.  However, after the first 2/3 days I was truly floored. It melts right into my skin.  I don't look pasty or pale, but refreshed and awake.  The beauty adviser told me to "tap , swirl , buff" .  That basically means tap the foundation into the cap, swirl the brush , (and tap off the excess), and then buff into your skin.  Blending is the key.  I did as she asked, and I'm truly in love.  I have found my HG (holy grail) foundation.  This foundation for once, does not break me out, and it holds up pretty well against my super oily skin.  After 6 hours I did need to blot my forehead, but my face still looked great. I love mineral foundation because you just put it on and go.  No need to set with powder etc..and this really does feel very very light.  

The one thing I was disappointed in didn't even have anything to do with the foundation.  I purchased the Bare Escentuals Flawless Face brush, and its terrible!  It sheds like crazy and is super scratchy.  I admit it does a great job at applying the foundation, however for the money I paid for ONE brush , I wish it was better made. 

Overall: I'm sold! Is it worth the hype? Yes! Just make sure you blend well.  Was it worth the $30 I spent?  Most definitely.  I've been wearing this foundation for 2 weeks almost continuously.  My skin looks and feels great, and it doesn't irritate my skin! (Yay!).  This is definitely a worthy investment.  However, I would not purchase the brush they recommend.  It doesn't even hold up as well as my Ecotools brushes, and I've had them longer (and put them through a lot worse..haha).

Have any of you tried Bare Minerals? What do you think about the brush?  Any alternatives?

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  1. How are you supposed to buff it, what brush do you use, & what exactly did "she" ask?

    1. Lots of questions! :D

      I used the Bare Minerals flawless face brush (pictured above.

      I buffed it by swirling the brush around on my face as I applied it. (to buff it you swirl it onto your face over and over..thats basically what I mean by buffing).

      For the last part of your question, the makeup adviser asked what kind of skin do i have..does it get oily? is it dry? what kind of foundation do I prefer?

      I have Normal/oily skin. Oily in the Tzone, but moisturized everywhere else. I prefer powder foundation because its quick and easy.

      Thanks for your questions! I hope I helped!

  2. I use the bare escentuals handi buki brush and find it a lot easier to use and sturdier than the large face brush.


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