Monday, December 26, 2011

Review! NEW! Covergirl Lashblast 24hr Mascara

Welcome back everyone!  This is one of the quartet of things that are new for Covergirl in 2012.  I admit, I didnt wear this for a full 24hrs, but it was a good 14ish. Lets see how it turned out!

Packaging: This mascara is a beast.  Its huge.  Its the same size as a regular LashBlast Mascara 

(LashBlast 24hr on top-LashBlast Volume underneath)

(Lashblast 24hr compared to CG Natureluxe mascara)

I dont mind it soo much, however, the handle (at least for me) isnt too user friendly.  But, it gets the job done.  I love the black and orange lettering!

Formula:  CG definitely got the formula right with this one.  Its different from the other mascaras CG has.  This one holds a curl very well, and the color I got (black) is a super very dark black.  Its not runny and its not too thick. I was expecting my eyelashes to be a little hard feeling since this is a long wear mascara, but they weren't!  They definitely felt like they had mascara on, but it didn't leave me with a hard and crispy feeling. It even stayed on through a few tears.  I forgot after a while that I was wearing mascara.  There was no flaking, no clumping, no nothing.  It was actually quite surprising.  And take a look at this beast of a brush. 

(Beastly right?)

I love the brush.  It separates, adds length and volume, and gets in there.  I did have to wipe off the tip of the brush (I hate that shmutz at the end..), but other then that..its great. 

Performance:  I didnt take any before/after pictures, but take my word one this one..It did pretty darn well.  I put this on at about 9am and took it off at around 11p.  Towards the end the curl started to deflate a bit, but my eyelashes did look just as good as when I put it on.  Taking it off was a bit of a pain. I use Neutragena makeup removing wipes, and I had to hold the wipe on my eyes for about 30sec to get it off, without harming my eyelashes. 

Overall:  A great addtion to the Covergirl mascara family.  It volumizes & lengthens, without any clumping or flaking issues.  Its tad bit difficult to remove, but it lasts for hours and keeps your eyes looking gorgeous. Its a win!

5/5-bought it myself.


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  1. This is awesome. I know what mascara I'm buying next!


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