Thursday, March 22, 2012

Review! Maybelline's *New* Dream LumiTouch Highlighting Concealer (in Radiant)

Hello all!  This is another one of Maybelline's new releases for 2012.  I was super excited to try this for one main reason: I have dark under eye circles.  I know..not a shocker. Most (if not all) woman have them.  I however have had them since I was 18/19 (I admit here and now I'm 27).  Hey..we all have our issues..but dammit..I'm still youngish! And who doesn't want to hide the signs of parenthood (if not for a little while) and look *radiant*.  I've  had this concealer for a while now, and after giving it a thorough run through, I'm ready to post my review!

(DreamLumi Touch in 310-Radiant)

This is a gel based concealer and Maybelline says we'll love it because  
"• Gel-based formula diffuses light to provide on-the-spot perfection in just one touch
• Illuminates as it conceals
• Dermatologist, Allergy Tested
• Non-comedogenic
• Suitable for sensitive skin and for all skin types" (according to Maybelline website)

Pic time!

(Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer in Radiant)


(Me in vain trying to take a pic of the brush..)

Packaging: This concealer is packaged in a click-pen style, which is nice! It does take about 30 clicks of the pen to dispense anything when its brand new,  but once it does (after the first 30 clicks), it comes out nice and smooth (with only 2/3 clicks).

Color: The color I chose was Radiant, and and its slightly pinkish (as opposed to a light beige etc).  The color however contains no shimmer which is nice. Swatch!

(taken in direct sunlight)

Consistency: Its definitely thicker then your normal concealer, however its not so thick as to make it hard to blend out or have it look un-natural. I applied it using the brush first to swipe some concealer on under my eye, and then used my finger to blend. It blends really really nicely, and with some pressed powder on top to set makes my eyes really truly look great. 

Performance:  Despite all the nice things I'm saying about it now, I admit, I didn't like it at first.  There's one problem I see with the pen.  The concealer comes out the bottom of the brush, and (for me at least) takes a little coaxing (and holding the pen upside down) to get the fluid to the tip. Also, at first I didn't notice any difference in my eyes. However after a few more tries with the pen (and better blending) I was very happily surprised.  My under eye bags were no longer super noticeable, and my eyes did look brighter and that made me feel more radiant.  I loved how well it covered the darkness under my eyes.  It really covered very well, and there was very little to no signs of having bags.

Overall: Overall this isnt bad!  It conceals and brightens and really does make my eyes look more radiant and awake.  The dispensing of the fluid into the brush could use some work..but the formula itself is great!

All opinions are my own, and I bought this

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  1. i want this so bad! it looks really nice- i'm glad you liked it after all. i had dark circles and think this would really help to conceal them xx
    my blog: boho vanity

    1. I admit I didnt at first. It takes a bit of blending (and I always put some powder on top to set), but it does work suprisingly well. I've been reaching for this every day, and it lasts a good 6hrs or so on me:)


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