Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Covergirl's New Bombshell Intensity Liner by Lashblast in Chocolate Kiss! Review & Swatches

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Hello my pretties! Whos ready for an eyeliner review?  Today I'm reviewing Covergirl's New Bombshell Intensity Liner (by Lashblast).  Its in Chocolate kiss.

What Covergirl says: "Create the ultimate bombshell sexy eye look with Bombshell Intensity Liner by LashBlast. Featuring a precision felt tip applicator, the liquid formula glides on smoothly and easily making it simple to achieve the bombshell looks you crave. "(source)

The color itself is nice.  Its more the application that gets me.  Look how tiny this is!

(thats a Smashbox eyeliner, Milani eyeliner, and Jordana eyeliner..left to right..)

The cap doesnt attach to the back , so its super tiny.  If you can handle the smaller handle, the application is actually not bad.  I'm not a pro at eyeliner, but I liked the stiffer nib.  The color was nice and smooth, and I didnt expierience any dragging.  When I was on my A game, I could get a nice cat eye flick no probs.  


If you're an eye rubber like be..beware.  Somehow, I'm not sure how..I was able to actually rub off the flick on the edge of my eye.  Yeah you heard me.  It wasnt a one time thing either.  I'd had this bad boy for a while, and it did it each time.  I have a feeling its because my eyelids are oily.  If your eyes are dryer (or you use a primer, or use this over shadow), I don't think that will be a problem. 

Overall:  This is an ok eyeliner.  It lasted all day for me, (aside from the random rubbing from my oily lids).  I like the color, but I wish the pen itself was longer.  Not spectacular.  Not terrible.  Definitely didnt make me feel like a bombshell.  

$8.99 @Walgreens
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