Saturday, November 23, 2013

Blame it on the Unconventional Makeup Junkie..


My best friend Victoria over at The Unconventional Makeup Junkie is a nailophile.  She loves nail polishes, and I blame my recent spat of nail polish purchases all on her!  She posts on loads of different things ( I love her makeup meme mondays!), but she has this nail polish challenge going on where she wears a different polish every week.  I love seeing her posts..and dammit.  Its peer pressure!  (j/k.  I love her..but it has definitely influenced me..).

So here it is.  I've again gone an bought more nail polishes.  As if I need more.  Though in my defense I do share these my my daughter!

These 4 are from the Sally Hansen Bling in the New Year Coll.  And the Maybelline Gilded in Gold Brocade Collection.

*SH CSM= Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

(SH CSM* in Twinkle Toes-ty)

(Maybelline Lavishly Lilac)

(SH CSM in Midnight Glitz)

(Maybelline Embellished Blues)

(All swatches have 3 Coats on top nail & 1 coat on bottom)

(Maybelline Lavishly Lilac)

(Maybelline Embellished Blues)

(SH CSM in Midnight Glitz)

(SH CSM* in Twinkle Toes-ty)

Some notes on the polishes:

*Lavishly Lilac: Beautiful gold and lavender glitters with bigger purple hex glitters sprinkled in.  Sheer but has a beautfiul gold sheen.

*Maybelline Embellished Blues: Semi opaque in coat.  Nice formula.  Love the gold glitter sprinkled in with the blue hex glitters ( also has a blue base).

*Both Maybelline bottles are small.  They literelly have half the amount of polish in them as the SH ones do (.23oz compared with .5oz).

*SH CSM in Midnight Glitz:  I was actually disappointed with this.  Not that its not gorgeous.  But that it wasnt opaque.  From the bottle you'd think it was.  But even with 3 coats it wasnt quite full and black. The brush on this bottle was also wonky.

 I love the way it looks though, so for funsies I layered it over a bunch of polishes:

*I picked the grey and white, and my daughter chose to layer it over purple and green.  I think it looks awesome over all of the personally.  

*SH CSM* in Twinkle Toes-ty: Here was another polish that screamed "holidays!" to me .  Ugh.  This polish is so pretty in the bottle.  However, its so incredibly sheer.  Theres no way to wear this on its own (unless you dig sheer polishes which is fine too).  This i think would look nice over a pink.  Or, I may hand it down to my daughter.  Who knows. 

*Maybelline polishes run 4.49 and SH CSM is usually around 8.99 where I live*

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