Sunday, April 28, 2013

MAC Matters Challenge! April post!

(Image permission from Pammy of Pammyblogsbeauty)

Whats the MAC Matters Challenge you ask? Well I'll tell you.  It was the brainchild of Pammy at PammyBlogsBeauty.  She realized that for the 21$ a month she was putting towards her Glossybox subscription  she could be picking up full size items at MAC and build up her MAC collection instead!

That's a brilliant idea. 

Here are the rules:

*Purchase at least 1 item a month.
*Any remainder can be saved and put towards the following month

Ok, so I totally broke the rules but I hope Pammy will forgive me! My hubby *J* had been sick with complications of his diabetes for the past two months (since Feb..and it literally came at the worst time..).  For a full rundown of what was up, click here.  

Now! On to the Challenge!  I missed 2 months , so I'm sure you're wondering if I went buckwild crazy and spent $60 at MAC?  Sorry! I thought it would be cheating to do that more then once.  However the time spent away from MAC gave me time to think about what I wanted.  

I wanted a lippie. 

I've heard stories about how you cant have just one, and I must say, for $15 how can you just get one? Well, when you have the watchful eyes of your hubby on you, and your four year old running amok in a MAC store you can.  I normally shy away from trying on lipsticks in stores (ahhh germs!) but the SA was so helpful, and sweet, I decided to go for it (she also cleaned every one with alcohol).  After trying on four lippies, I settled on Sunny Seoul. 

MAC is notorious for  its many collections, but from what I gather this was from the Fall 2012 collection.  Its a "Creamsheen formula".  I'm not gonna lie..I had to google what that meant.  The Fancy Face has an excellent guide. Apparently all it means is its creamy, and has a glossy sheen. Whatever.  All I know is I dig this color. 
MAC describes it as a "frosted light warm pink".  Sure.. or..It looks more like a sheer pinky coral to me.  Either way, its a win! 

What I spent:
Spent:$15.95 ($16/includes tax)

By the way.  In my last MAC Matters post I mentioned the lackluster customer service at the MAC store in The Westchester.  I'm happy to say that the customer service at the MAC store at the Stamford Town Center is infinitely better!

What are your favorite MAC Lippies?  What should I get next month with my $26 dollars?

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