Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What I've been up to!

I decided to write this post just to give a little insight into why I havent been posting as regularly as I used to.

Here goes:  I had the worst month of February. Ever.

Anything and everything that could possibly go wrong did.  It all started with the superbowl (Feb 4th..).  The hubby came down with the flu (aka the plague..).  I live in NY which was hit particularly hard by the flu bug, so my husband (aka Mr. I Catch everything in creation..) caught it.  He ended up being hospitalized...

During that time N (my 4 yr old) also caught the flu.  Me? Nope.  By the grace of glob (and some good genes..) I didn't catch anything. At all. The whole time.  Meanwhile, while all this was going on, we had plans to move -plans that couldn't be changed (no one wants to pay rent on a place for an extra month when they plan on leaving..).  My hubby literally picked the worst month to get sick..and of course (as was my luck) he was sick the whole month.. During this time I also continued to work nightly.

My hubby doesnt have a great immune system..so his ailments just continued after he recovered from the flu.  I'll spare the details..but I will say this..you know that super rare side effect from the flu that no one ever hears about? Yeah..it was along those lines..

In the end, after a month of sickness after sickness,  he's finally recovering, and is back to work.

All of those things required my focus (especially my daughter  who is the ultimate daddy's girl, and had a rough time with him being sick and not able to play).

I will say this though: I have the best friends and family in the world.  I wouldn't have been able to get anything accomplished without the help of my in laws and my cousin (who lent a supportive ear). They are all awesome, and I'm very lucky :-)

(the view into N's room)

(The view outside-that's the Byram River. Not much, but I love the water)

However.  March is a new month!  I have some posts coming up, and I'm taking lots of pictures for things to review  , some collages on beautysets..etc. Lots of stuff!  Thanks for sticking with me and continuing to support my blog, and stopping by.  I truly appreciate it!

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