Thursday, March 7, 2013

Review! Maybelline's *New* Flash Clean 3-in-1-Makeup Removing Lotion

Hello all!  Ahhh..its nice to have a review up. After a rough Feb, its nice to start off March fresh!

Today's review is on Maybelline's new Flash Clean 3-in-1-Makeup Removing Lotion .

Here's what Maybelline has to say : "Revolutionary 3-in-1 formula instantly removes stubborn makeup, deeply cleanses, and moisturizes.*Unique quick-break lotion instantly transforms into ultra-light liquid upon contact to quickly break up stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara*Formula with Moringa Seed extract, nature's purifier, goes beyond makeup removal to clear impurities*Soothing lotion deposits lightweight moisture as it cleans*For best results, moisten a cotton ball or tissue with the remover. Gently sweep over entire face until makeup is off." (source)

This is the first cream makeup remover I've ever tried, and I fully admit, I had no idea what to expect. This promises to "remove, cleanse, and moisturize". Suuure..I thought..

 I tested this on a  day I wore a full face of makeup (foundation, eyeliner, mascara..the works).  And I must admit I'm impressed! Not only did it remove all the makeup I wore (including the waterproof mascara I wore..) , but it also did a great job of cleaning my face.  All the dirt, etc that was left on my face came off with the makeup!  There's no scent, and my skin was left soft and clean feeling when I was done.  

The lotion itself is thin, but not too thin, and a little goes a long way.  I have super sensitive eyes (which is why I quit contacts..), and when I used it to remove my eyeliner, my eyes didn't get all red and irritated like other makeup removers have done. 

I also love the fact this has no scent.  I didn't have to worry about coming out of the bathroom with my face smelling like flowers (we all have lotions that have done that..).

I have oily skin, and because this is so thin, I found it melded nicely with my oily skin.  My face looked clean and had a little shine, but didn't look or feel greasy.

Overall, I'm impressed with this! I love using it to remove my makeup! My face feels clean and soft afterwards, and is non irritating.  If you're a lotion makeup remover lover..then this is definitely for you.

*Maybelline has a whole "Flash Clean" line.  They also have liquid makeup remover, and wipes if you prefer.

$5.99 @ Ulta
4 fl oz
Bought this myself - opinions are my own
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  1. This product sounds great, I have oily skin so I'm always looking for new facial products to try out.


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