Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mac Matters Challenge-January!

(image permission from pammyblogsbeauty)

Whats the MAC Matters Challenge you ask? Well I'll tell you.  It was the brainchild of Pammy at PammyBlogsBeauty.  She realized that for the 21$ a month she was putting towards her Glossybox subscription  she could be picking up full size items at MAC and build up her MAC collection instead!

That's a brilliant idea. 

Here are the rules:

  • Purchase at least 1 item a month.
  • Any remainder can be saved and put towards the following month

Whew.  Came in under the wire for this month eh? Last month I picked up a blush, and eyeshadow (here's a link to the post).

 Here's what I picked up this month:

MAC Powerpoint eye pencil in Bountiful Brown

I admit I was completely torn this month.  I am a complete blush/eyeshadow fiend.  I cant get enough.  However best bud Victoria pointed out that I need a few more eyeliners in my life .  So I went in and asked for a soft eyeliner pencil that lasts all day.  I wear glasses, and with my dark hair and dark eyes...dark eyeliners are too much.  

I had actually chosen Stubborn Brown, and they handed this to me instead (and I admit, I didn't double check).  However, it was fortuitous, because I love this! Bountiful Brown is described as "Brown with a bronze edge" and that is so true.  Its a beautiful shimmery bronze (not glittery).  I love how it lightens up my eyes!  I haven't tried this on my waterline yet,  but it did wear well for the few hours I was home.

Here's a rundown of what I spent:

Budget : $21.00
MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Bountiful Brown: $15.00
Tax: $1.26
Total: $16.26
Leftovers: $4.74

By the way. I'm still not happy with the customer service in my local MAC...I was there with my daughter (who is well behaved..), on a Tuesday , and there were 3 SA there, with one other customer besides myself, and they barely gave me the time of day.  She handed me Stubborn Brown and said "Here..try an eye look with this.." and walked away.  WELL.  I guess Im just used to the happy smiling clerks in Sephora...

Aside from the lackluster customer service (maybe there's a better one in Greenwich?), and the fact I received the wrong color, I am super happy with my purchase!  I will be using this, and I'm happy to have an eyeliner that might finally last all day on me. 

I'm thinking a lipstick next month..any suggestions?
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  1. I am like you eyeshadow and blush fiend!!! :) However, you can't go wrong with a powerpoint liner!!! A great basic! You should totally do a lippie next month!!!


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