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MAC Matters Challenge! (Nov & Dec)

(image permission by pammyblogsbeauty)

Hello all! I've decided to join with PammyBlogsBeauty and her MAC Matters Challenge!

Whats the MAC Matters Challenge you ask? Well I'll tell you.  It was the brainchild of Pammy at PammyBlogsBeauty.  She realized that for the 21$ a month she was putting towards her Glossybox subsciption, she could be picking up full size items at MAC and build up her MAC collection instead!

That's a brilliant idea. 

Here are the rules:

  • Purchase at least 1 item a month.
  • Any remainder can be saved and put towards the following month
 Here's what I picked up.  I got two items since I felt like I was "behind" two months. ;)

MAC Mineralized Blush in Dainty & MAC Sable Eyeshadow

MAC describes Sable as a Frost shadow, and Dainty is described as a "Light yellow pink with gold pearl". 

That being said, let me give you a short rundown of my experience   I decided to get a blush, and an eyeshadow to start my core collection. 

This was my first time ever in a MAC store. Ever.  So I didnt know what to expect really, except that I knew there'd be lots of sales girls there to help.  I have a bit of rosacea  and pinkness in my cheeks.  So when I asked for help choosing a blush (aka bane of my existence) , I was immediately pidgeonholed into a brown nude blush that neutralized my redness.  My cheeks were less red, but it wasn't a blush.  I asked for a blush that I could "see". I didn't want two red streaks, just a nice peachy pink sheen or glow. She recommended Dainty, and while I was there, I loved it.  Now? I'm still on the fence.  Had I seen the sparkles in the blush then, I would have immediately passed. Its nice and sheer, but I'm not sure if I *love* it.  I have 30 days to return it, so I guess we'll see.  

As for eyeshadows, my first thought was Satin Taupe.  When I swatched it though, it was a bit dark.  Instead she introduced me to Sable.  She said its an excellent all around eye color.  It can be used in the crease, as an eyeliner, etc.  I wouldn't use it in my crease (hooded eyes, sheeny/shimmery shadows are no good). but the quality of the shadow is amazing. Super pigmented, smooth, its beautiful on me, and I love it! 

Heres the rundown of what I spent: (I'm including Tax for this month)
  • To Spend: $42
  • Dainty Blush:$23.50
  • Sable eyeshadow:$15
  • Tax :$3.22
  • Total:41.72
  • Change: .13

Not too shabby..

Now lets play a game of : "How do you spell my name?!"   Cue * Game show music*
Dont ask me why (as I said this was my first experience in a MAC store), but the SA that helped me and rang me up, asked for my name .  I gave it to her.  I blacked out my last name (which was also spelled wrong), but my name is VIRGINIA, like the state. 

Here's what she typed:

WTF.  I know I know..its just a name..Just an "I" who cares.  I care. Virginia is the name of a state for makeups sake. Everyone say it with me. V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A. Three I's!

Whew. I feel better now.  Ok, so what do you all think of my choices? Any suggestions for my MAC item for January? Is Virginia that hard to spell? Let me know in the comments! 

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  1. Hi Virginia!!! I am so glad that you joined the challenge!!! You made some excellent choices! I especially love the sable eyeshadow! Oh, and that mineralized blush...I might have to add that to my MAC wishlist for this challenge! LOL, love that you got two items as you are "catching up" with the challenge. Thanks for joining in the fun! :)

  2. I like this challenge a lot! I like you have NO MAC cosmetics, I might try this! Also I have a very easy to spell name that gets butchered on the regular, so I feel your pain on that one.

    Also I found you via BBH and I am so glad I did! am following now for sure

    1. Thank you so much for following! I'm glad you liked my post (including the added "How do you spell my name?") . Its a regular thing where people miss-spell it, so I think from now on I'll just say "Ginn". And yes, I'm a complete MAC Noob! I understand the hype now about the shadows (after wearing Sable almost daily). The blush-eh, I may return for something less glittery. Do you have any recommendations for what should I get next? Eyeliner? Lippy? foundation?


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