Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Time for a bath! Tutorial! How to wash your brushes!

Who needs a bath?

This post is actually a request by my best bud..Victoria.  We're all friends here.  Lets use our names;)  However, its important to wash your brushes throughly, and often.  Why?



If you use your brushes once, twice , three times , without washing, then all that gunk and stuff that was on your face gets transferred to your makeup and back again.  Not washing your brushes (at least weekly) promotes germs,  contaminates your makeup and when you use that dirty brush, you'll be more prone to breakouts and skin irritation . 

So how do you do it?  

 Step 1: Gather your supplies

*Dirty Brush (dur)
*Baby Shampoo

I use baby shampoo because its soft and gentle on my brushes.  Some use dish soap, or even their favorite conditioner.

Step 2:

Wet your brush (lukewarm water), and hands, then add a drop of shampoo into your hand.

Step 3:

(I broke a cardinal rule here-NEVER stand your brush up when its wet-it'll get into the metal part, and loosen the bristles)

Swish the brush around in your hand and work it into a lather.  Smaller brushes like eyeshadow / eyeliner brushes need about 2 seconds of swishing .  Thicker brushes (like my Real Techniques Face Brush above) need a bit more work, and sometimes more soap). 

Step 4:

Continue swishing around in your hands, and add soap and lukewarm water as needed until bristles become clean and white again.

Step 5:

Rinse! This is super important (and no..no pic..I couldnt take the picture one handed haha).  Make sure you get all traces of soap out of your brush! You'll know its clean when that greasy feeling goes away.  If you leave soap in your bristles, the brush will and make you break out.

Step 6: 

Lay them on the paper plate on top of the paper towel to dry overnight.  I like using the paper plate because of the raised sides.  You dont want to ever set your brush standing up so that the water gets into the brush.  If you do that, it will loosen the glue, and you'll have bristles falling out everywhere. 

If your brushes are extra dirty , you can also use this method:

Its a bowl of lukewarm water with the baby soap in it.  Sometimes if my brush is extra dirty, I just swish the brush around in this mixture for a few minutes.  I like it because you can actually see the makeup coming off the brush, and the water will get dirty.  I'll switch the water out, and add more soap as needed.  Obviously this takes more time, but its excellent for getting out tough makeup . 

Before and After!

(Whos a dirty boy?)

(Clean as a whistle!)

*More Tips*
-You should wash your brushes weekly, or at the very least monthly
-You can keep your brushes clean in between deep cleanings by buying brush cleanser, or even using baby wipes!
-Take good care of your investment! The most I've spent on a makeup brush was 35$ , and I want to keep it as nice as possible.  Washing my brush keeps it clean, happy, and germ free.

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