Thursday, November 8, 2012

Swatches & First Impressions Loreal Project Runway Eyeshadow in The Mystics Gaze (LE)

Hello all!  Once again, another Project Runway Palette.  I got this (along with the nailpolish) rather late, so I apologize right now if I'm teasing you with something you'd want.  I just want to have this pics up (and my impressions) for a reference in case you run across it.  For some reason, in my town, we either dont get LE (limited edition) items at all, or we get them incredibly late (after most have found everything). Nevertheless, here's some swatches, and my impressions of The Mystics Gaze.

(yes those are was cold outside haha)

This isnt a palette I would normally have picked up for myself.  My hubbs actually got this as a gift for me on Halloween.  When I first saw the colors I was like "Ohhhh..I can use these alone..the black as a liner..".  However, when I got around to swatching, I was disappointed.  Where The Temptress's Gaze was buttery, and nicely pigmented, this was chalky, and sheer.  All the colors, with the exception of the navy blueish shade on the bottom right, were all sheer, and I had to swipe the applicator 3/4x to get any colors to show up.  The green was the most sheer though.  The two blue shades, I was also super sad about..  Swatched the dark blue looks like a charcoal  with a slight blue duochrome.  Its super subtle  and unless you're looking hard, you can barely tell.  The brighter blue (bottom left) also isnt as bright and as vibrant as it looks in the pan. *Sad face..*

Overall, I'm disappointed.  The colors aren't cohesive (I cant imagine using these all at once..), and they're chalky and sheer.  I will probably use the purple, and the blue (bottom left) , with primer but that's about it.  I cant attest to the staying power, as I haven't tried these on my eyes yet.  If you run across this, I'd probably say pass..
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  1. Oh its sad to hear that you do not like this product much. I guess I have to past on this one too for upon reading it, its chalky and sheer. I do want that either. But I love the shades.

    1. I actually really like the shades alone. I just wish they were more pigmented. The other quad I was able to pick up was excellent.


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