Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quickie! Pictures and Swatches of Loreal's Project Runway eyeshadow in The Temptress' Gaze.

Any Project Runway fans in the house?

I know I am. Back when I was a youngin' (15 or so years ago..) I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I couldnt sew, or knit (despite my grandmothers best efforts to teach me), but I could draw.  I had imagination.  I had a whole book filled with different outfits for different occassions.  I told my mother (more then once) that I wanted to be a fashion designer. things often do, they change and my interests broadened..however I often think back to that innocent time when I dreamed so big.

Enter Project Runway, and its Limited Edition makeup.  What better way to meld my two interests?  This isnt an officially a review .  Just some pics and swatches so you can see what its like in person.

Click to enlarge:

Quick blurb .  I havent used this on the eyes yet..but from what I can tell from swatching them, the green shade in the lower left is the most problematic.  It looks so cool in the pan, but when swatched it came out super, super sheer (I had to layer it to get it to show up).  The top two were good in one swipe, and the lower left matte brown was also pretty good .  This is a nice palette of fall colors, this unique? Eh.  Not really.  After swatching I remembered I once had a Maybelline quad with similar colors (Emerald smokes-which I HATED...super chalky).  This quad definitely doesnt feel chalky to me (with the exception of the green), but I'll have to test this out for a few days before I get a real feel for this. 

So thats it !  If you want to see swatches of the two brighter palettes from Loreal Project Runway, check out this link:) Nouveau Cheap has swatches up!

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