Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review & Swatches! Loreal Project Runway The Mystic's Fortune Nailpolish! (LE)

Howdy all!  Time for a quick review and some swatches (nail pics?)  of Loreal Project Runway The Mystic's Fortune nailpolish. I'm not sure if you can still find the display .  But if you are some pictures for reference, and my impressions.

(sorry about the messy nails..oops..)

This polish, when compared to The Muses's Attitude   had a much better formula.  It was almost opaque in one coat, and a second just made it perfect.  The polish wasn't too thick, it didnt go on unevenly, and didnt pool at the sides.  The color is actually much darker then the pictures show (i took them in direct sunlight).  The color itself looks like a deep navy blue with subtle purple shimmer in it..  The shimmer was difficult to capture on camera   Overall, I'm a fan of this formula, and of the color.  Its a perfect navy for fall and winter, and the formula was one of the best I've tried.  

7.99$ @ CVS
Bought myself-all opinions are my own

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