Thursday, October 18, 2012

Swatches! Loreal Project Runway Nailpolish in The Muse's Attitude

Along with the blush and eyeshadow that I picked up from the Loreal Project Runway collection, I also picked up two nailpolishes ...then promptly put one back. However, I started to regret not having it (I have a soft spot for teal polishes) and so my awesome husband managed to hunt one down in a CVS.  I'm so glad he did, as I LOVE this color!

Click to enlarge:
(2 coats shown on hand)

The first coat of this applies patchy, and pools a bit at the sides.  However, the 2nd coat (or 3rd..4th..), evens things out, and applies really smooth.  I love the dark teal color.  Its excellent for fall, and I love the way it looks in the sunlight.  I cant tell you how many compliments I've gotten.  This polish is totally worth the work, and the hunt.

Bought this myself.  All opinions are my own.
5.99$ at CVS
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  1. Such a gorgeous polish! I haven't tried any of the L'Oreal shades yet, but this one looks so pretty xx

    1. Its LE. If you can find it, its worth the little bit of extra effort . The first coat is not so great, but a second really evens it out. I forgot to mention that it also dried surprisingly quick. I had this on for two weeks, and only just recently took it off (I'm super hard on my nails). Its so gorgeous in person!


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