Sunday, January 5, 2014

What I've been up to!

Nothing to Disclose

What have I been up to you ask? Umm.  Well .  Mostly working, but we had Snowstorm Hercules wallop us.  So for those who don't get snow, or want to see what it was like for us, here's some pics!

I actually had to go out for some milk (isn't it always that way?) The snow came up to the top of my boots (above my ankle).  It was actually difficult to trudge through the snow..

My daughter and I went out! The snow was too soft for snowballs, but our yard offers a pretty view of the river.  Today (where the high is only expected to be 24*) the river is almost completely frozen. 

This was Friday night.  Yes the time on my phone is right.  I worked a midnight shift, and this was the temp as I waited for a taxi home.  What does 4* feel like you ask? I literally takes your breath away.  I love walking home at night..its so quiet and peaceful.  But 4* is too cold even for me.  

So that was my week! Mostly snow filled.  I hoped to practice driving, but Hercules put a bit of a damper on that as well.  My road test is coming up , and the nerd in me feels like I should practice every day.  Snow though makes it difficult even for experienced drivers.  So maybe next week.  

How did your week go?
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