Friday, January 3, 2014

Urban Decay Naked3 Pictures, Swatches & My thoughts!

Nothing to Disclose

I know you've all been waiting for it, so here it is! Some pictures, swatches and my impressions of the Naked3 Palette! (I'm not doing an official "review" on this since the eyeshadows are amazing quality, which is par for the course for Urban Decay).

First lets talk about the packaging.  All over the blogosphere I see people saying how much they love the cover.  Personally (and this is just me) , I'm not a fan.  Dont get me wrong.  I dig the rose gold coloring and the font.  I just hate the wavyness of it.  It looks like it was left over a hot burner and melted and wrinkled (have you ever seen metal melt before?).  Thats what it reminds me of.  Thankfully, this is open more then its closed, so its not a big problem for me.  I just thought I'd throw my opinion into the mix.

The colors work in a progression from light to dark .  I love almost all of the shades (dust I could live without).  They all work together and blend together beautfully.  Dust has some fallout, but its fine.  I've used it to to add some sparkle to the center of my lid. Buzz is my favorite., but Liar , Factory and Mugshot come up a close second.  There are 3 mattes.  Strange which is a highlight shade, Nooner, and Limit which make for nice crease colors.  Lets hear it for more then one matte! Whooh!

Now who's ready for some swatches? ( I only swatched the 6 shades instead of all 12!-Sorry)

(Dust, Burnout & Buzz)

(Liar, Mugshot, and Blackheart)

Dust as I said is sheer, and prone to fallout, but the rest of the shades are buttery and smooth!

This also comes with a double ended brush

One side is a bit softer to blend, and use in the crease, the other is a bit stiffer.  I like the softer side, and its nice they included this.  They also included samples of all 6 of their primers (sorry! Forgot to take a pic!). The primer samples are nice but I'm not sure I'll use them.

The first (and Original) Naked Palette is definitely a workhorse, good for everyone palette.  However if I had to choose between Naked 2 or 3, I'd choose 3 without a doubt.  Its a brighter, happier, more gorgeous palette. I absolutely love it, and its totally worth the money. 

52@Sephora/Ulta & Urban Decay

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