Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Year in Pictures and Blurbs!

Nothing to Disclose

So this is my year! I admit, it wasn't very interesting.  Lots of illness and other drama and I'm happy to see it over.  However there were a few bright spots!   2014 has so many possibilities, many big things happening! 

First we moved!
(We are here!)

My little N started school!
(Her name is written there, but at the time she would write so lightly you couldn't see it!)

My best friend/sister/cousin got engaged! (And I'm a bridesmaid!)
(Look at that bling! Its ridiculous and has literelly blinded me!  Whats funny is that I'm openly jealous of her ring, yet all she says is how much she loves mine!)

It snowed! (a lot!)

(In case you've forgotten..snow makes me feel like this) 

I went to the city with Kait and my family! 

This year has definitely had its ups and downs, but I'm looking forward to a fresh start!  I'm finally about to get my drivers license, N will be completing her first year of school, and then two months later, Kait (my original baby) will be getting married!!  I'm hoping to have a lot more fun this year!!  (Road trip anyone?)

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