Monday, October 3, 2011

Review/Love Rant Covergirl TRUblend Minerals Blush

*I'd like this page to be a little more then just a site of reviews. Every once in a while, I'd like to do a post about a piece of makeup that I own, and show it some love.  That is what this post is going to be about today..I call it a Love Rant.  *

Todays Love Rant will be on Covergirl's TRUblend Minerals Blush in Pure Romance.  I bought this blush originally over the summer, and quickly forgot about it , since the summer was burning hot, and at that point most everything melted off my face.  However now that the weather is cooler, and i'm so pale skinned, if I dont wear blush i look a little zombieish.  Anyway, I rediscovered this while cleaning out my caboodle (yeah I said it. We all have one..dont lie..), tried it again, and *ahhhmaazzinngg*.

Here is the stock photo-courtesy of google:

Meh right? Youre probably thinking "What gives? looks like plain blush" right? Wrong! Now look at my photo (thanks to the hub for the new camara..its AWESOME) here are my photos taken in direct sunlight:

Ok...all together now "OOohhh! Aaahhh"!  I know..I understand your excitement..Its fluffy, it goes on sheer (giving your cheeks a nice glow), or it can be built up for more color. Its totally versatile, and I love it!  Its mistake proof! Unlike some other blushes *gives Nars Orgasm (snicker) a dirty look*  . Wait, no..I'm not hating on Nars Orgasm, but it can make you look like a clown if you use too much (a pretty clown...but a clown nonetheless). What I love most is the way it looks on my skin. I'm light! I dont do bold blushes..I really just dont want to look dead.  This one actually makes me look happy which is grand.

I noticed a lot of reviewers on complaining about the glitter in it.  I saw the sparkles, but when I applied it i noticed none.  You wanna talk sparkles? try the Maybellines limited edition blush in Pressworthy Pink..THAT had sparkles (review later).  It does have shimmer, but if you use a blush brush you cant even see it.  Also, I dont think this will work for all skin tones, since for some it may blend in. BUT, the container is huge, its ten bucks..and well look above.  Its GORGEOUS.  And you know you want it.

There you have it peeps. My Love Rant. I'll be doing these a few times a month sporadically. Enjoy!

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