Monday, October 28, 2013

Swatches of Top Me Off, Full Spectrum, & Tinsel and Shine from the Sinful Decorate Decadently Collection!

I have swatches from the first half of the polishes from the Decorate Decadently Collection.  I already showed you Gilded (it was my Notd- Click Here to see my first post!).  So here's Top Me Off, Full Spectrum, & Tinsel and Shine!

(Momma got a nail wheel! Booyah!)

*On the nail wheel:  One coat of polish is on left/3 coats on the right*

Full Spectrum

Top Me Off (Sorry..the fuzz is photobombing! Its from a paper towel! haha)
(you can see uneven application on left side)

Tinsel and Shine

*I've actually painted my daughters nails with Top Me Off and I'm doing a mani with it in a moment, so expect a small review and NOTD soon!
* Full Spectrum is a gorgeous pink! I love the glitters sprinkled in with the hex glitters!  Full Spectrum had the nicest consistancy.  
*Tinsel and Shine was a pain.  The bar glitter was wonky, and the polish was thick-nice topper though.  

1.99 @ Walgreens
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