Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My skin and I have NOT been friends lately...

I dont know about you guys..but my skin and I have not been friends lately..

We used to be friends..

*Cue dream music..*

Back in HS I used to ..well..I wasn't popular, but I had a huge group of friends, and my skin did not break out. Ever.  My younger cousin used to hate me.  My friends would hate me..nothing I ate ever made it break out.  None of the junk food, the gallons of soda I drank , or the hundreds of greasy pizza slices..nothing I did made it flinch.

My skin was awesome. 

I loved it. When I became pregnant (at the tender age of 23), I loved it even more.  I'd heard pregnancy hormones would make you skin go crazy, but it never did.  I had a glow.  A nice clear faced glow...And so I thought it would continue.  Back then, I never wore makeup.  Not a stich.  It wasnt until I had *N* that I decided that since I was an adult, I should carry myself that way.  I changed my clothes, and started wearing makeup (I was 25 when I started wearing makeup).  Around that time I started on the depo shot (a long term birth control).

And then my skin began to hate me...

I dont know if it is all due to the bc (birth control), but it was quite the coincidence  that suddenly I was shiny in winter, and had acne.

I had no idea what to do. That was 3 years ago..since then (I'm still on the bc), I've learned to live with it, cleanse , moisturize..etc..but lately my skin has been freaking the fudge out.

I've even stopped wearing all makeup (honestly I'm totally comfortable in my skin to go without a stitch of makeup), and its still spazzing!

So what does all that have to do with you guys? Well, I'm taking you on my oily skin journey.  I'm going to tell you about what I'm going to start doing to really truly take control of my skin (since stopping or changing the bc is not an option for me).  I'll have these journalish entries about me stopping eating salty snacks, more water, and the cleansers I try for my oily skin.  I know I'm not the only one with these issues, and I figure it might actually help to see what works and whats been tried!

Feel free to chime in with your own tips and let me know how you enjoy these journalish entries!

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  1. Great post! My skin has drastically changed too since I've gotten older which sucks, when I was younger my skin was so nice now I have oily skin and acne now my face will break out if you just look at it lol.... Looking for to your future post.

  2. I went on that birth control too... And my normally flawless skin freaked out too. I would say with some degree of certainty that's your problem. Needless to say, I quit getting the shots.

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    2. I have debated on/off about quitting..but the benefits for me outweigh they deficits.

      I have gained weight, and my skin freaks out..but its inspired me to exercise,eat right and treat my skin better.

      Birth control is a personal choice for everyone, and for me, I like the security, and not having to remember to take a pill. I work full time at night (working sometimes until midnight!), and I wake up early with her..so pills for me..they get forgotten haha. Maybe in the future I'll come off it and go back on the pill. We'll see if my memory improves!


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