Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life Lately!

I would love to make this blog more then just makeup reviews and whatnot.  I admit, lately, I've been feeling a little less then inspired.  I'd like to show all the things I'm passionate about on here (including makeup).

 So here's whats up me lately!

I'm busily swatching these!  

Here in CT its gotten cold!  It went from warm , sunny and this..

So.  I'm a 28 year old with no license.  There are many reasons why I waited/didnt get my license, but now I'm ready!  In CT you need to get your learners permit matter how old you are (the law just changed.  Dangitt!).  So I practiced and actually read the driving manual.  The day before my hubby got me this:
Being a child of the 80s/90s I had a gameboy growing up.  Yes.  I love this case (8$ in PC)

I passed my permit test!  My face looked like this:
(I studied really hard yall.  I was little kid happy).

After I passed my permit test..we went to Wendys for lunch.  This is what my husband and daughter do with their Frosty's and nuggets:
Yes.  They're freaking dipping the nuggets into their Frosty's.  They asked if I wanted to try...I said "no thanks". 

Its fall now!  I love the changing of the leaves!

The Fall leaves at N's School

Who doesnt love Halloween?  Then you see signs like this: 

So thats whats up with me! Whats going on with you all?

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