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Beauty Bloggers Headquarters-February Task

Hello all!  Time for February's Beauty Bloggers Headquarters Task! It was created by the lovely Krystal as a way for us to get together, share our opinions, experiences and get our blogs out there. Go check out her blog, and click here if you'd like to join.

This month's task is on Organization!

*Where do you blog? Do you have a space dedicated to your blogging work? An office, a table, a corner of your room..
I blog at my computer.  Its just a plain shared computer that I share with the hubby, and my little one.  Nothing special!

*What do you blog on? Computer, laptop, tablet... what do you recommend?
I blog on my desktop computer.  I tried to blog on my ipad, but its difficult to edit/crop/watermark my photos on it.  I like the ease of using the computer (even though its shared).  I recommend doing whatever is comfortable for you.  Blogging takes time, and patience.  So make sure you're comfy, and you're in the mood to work a bit. I love sitting here at the computer typing away.  But there are times where I use my ipad to edit and change some of the text on my posts. 

*Do you have any blogging rituals? Drinks, music, movie, candles...
The only ritual I have is that I must have a snack.  Sometimes music (if I happen to be alone..or my little one is sleeping).  However I must must have a snack, and tea. tea (with milk and sugar).  Its my caffeine fix.

*How do you keep your blogging ideas organized? Notepad, planner, post-its...
I actually have an app on my phone.  Its called Mobisle Notes.  It syncs between my ipad and my phone (which happens to be android).  So whenever the mood strikes me, I can type out an idea.  If I'm surfing on my ipad, I can easily click and keep track of my ideas.   I also have a notebook with all the notes I make on the stuff I review.  So when it comes time to type them up, all i do is whip out my notebook!

*Do you have a blogging schedule for the week? Or the month? If so, how do you stay on top of it all?
I actually have fallen into a bit of a schedule.  I try to have a post up every other day.  I usually take pictures early, so I just need time to type them up.  (Sun, Tues, Thurs, Sat).  There's no rhyme or reason to what I post when.  Its whatever I'm inspired to write about at the moment.

*How do you keep up with your publishing schedule and what you have already posted?
I love scheduling posts.  But sometimes I forget what I have scheduled on what days, and I have to actually go back and check. 

*If you review products, how do you keep track of what needs to be reviewed in your collection? 
I keep everything that I'd like to review in a "review box".  I don't touch or use those things, even if I really really want to.  Once I've reviewed something, It either goes into my personal stash, or to a give away bag (or if its really bad it gets returned or tossed).

*What do you do with all your "old" data? Photos, videos, extra drives, online storage...
I use Photobucket for storage.  I used to use them to post my photos, but they dont have very good privacy I use them only for storage.  I keep all my photobucket albums private, and labeled with what post they were for.  For posts that are in the midst of being written, I keep them labeled in a "Blog" folder on my desktop.

*For fun, what beauty/non-beauty products do you need to have on hand near your blogging station? Hand lotion, lip balm, chewing gum...
I keep whatever I'm reviewing at hand, and my snacks.  

*My advice for newbie beauty bloggers*
Get comfortable.  I usually blog in my pajamas, and one post can sometimes take me all day, since I have a little one at home to take care of (and then work at night).  I blog when the mood strikes, and I take a break when I need to.  If it starts to feel like work, then I stop.  I try to keep my photos organized the best I can, and I store what I'm done with .  I could use a little help with idea organization, but for now what I do works for me.  Do whatever feels right for you.  

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