Wednesday, October 30, 2013

More bottle shots from Sinful Polishes Decorate Decadently Collection! (3 more!)

In my first post (click here to see), I mentioned I bought 8 polishes from the Sinful Decorate Decadently Collection.  Here are other 3!

(left to right)
(Holiday Rebel, Silver Rainbows, & Gold Tinsel)

Holiday Rebel (inside)

Holiday Rebel (outside)

Silver Rainbows (inside)

Silver Rainbows (outside)

Gold Tinsel (inside)

Gold Tinsel (outside)

*Holiday Rebel straight up reminds me of Christmas.  Gaudy, and bright.  Red and Green whenever used together will always symbolize Christmas.  For that reason, I will not even try to use this 'till December.  (And for the nail record, its red hex glitter, with forest green glitter throughout a clear base.  Boom . Nail lingo for you). 

*Silver Rainbows is another bar glitter.  Its got magenta, green and some purple bar glitter in a clear base.  This one also sort of reminds me of Christmas.  Dam green and magenta! I know its wierd, but I'm just being real here. I'll have to swatch and see how the formula is before I decide how to use this.

*Gold Tinsel is gorgeous. Rose gold, and gold bar glitter? Awesome combo.  Super excited to use this!

What do you all think? 

Ready for swatches? Coming up!


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