Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sinful Colors Decorate Decadently! Bottle Shots, and a NOTD! (*Picture Heavy*)

Sinful Colors has come out with a new display, and its full of sparkely, glittery goodness.  I admit, I couldnt resist (and Walgreens has Sinful Polishes on sale right now for .99) , so I picked up 7.  Yes..7 different polishes.  I have lots of bottle shots and a notd to show you.  Lets get to it!
(btw, if you'd like to see a picture of the display Nouveau Cheap has a picture here)

This is the first 4 that I purchased:
(L-R: Top Me Off, Full Spectrum, Gilded & Tinsel and Shine) 

Top Me Off 1376

I took a lot of pics of this to show how the glitter gives off a holo effect.  Of the four, this is my daughters favorite, and I cant wait to wear this.  Its got blue, and pink and silver holo glitter in it (in what looks like a clear base)

Full Spectrum 1384

Full Spectrum has got really pretty  large pink hexagonal glitter with silver holo glitter sprinkled throughout a clear base.

Gilded 1383 

Gilded has gold and red glitter suspended in a clear base. Very appropriate for fall!

Tinsel & Shine 1396

Tinsel and Shine is a bar glitter polish.  It has loads of purple, blue and pink bar glitter in a clear base.

On to the Notd!
(obligatory painted nails holding bottle shot)

For the NOTD I'm wearing Gilded on my bare nail.  This is a sheer polish and is probably best layered over a burgandy or gold polish.  Here I'm wearing it on my bare nail.  On its own, it gives off a nice soft gold glow to the nail.  

*Right now Sinful Colors polish are on sale for .99 /normally they're 1.99 each.
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