Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Beauty Blogger's HQ-How do you Photograph for your blog?

Hello All!  I recently joined Beauty Bloggers Headquarters.  It was created by the lovely Krystal as a way for us to get together, share our opinions, experiences and get our blogs out there. Go check out her blog, and click here if you'd like to join.

This Months Question is: How do you Photograph for your blog?

What camara do you use for your blog photography?

I use a handheld Canon Powershot that my husband bought for me.  Its not much, but its withstood being dropped a couple dozen times and takes amazing pictures. 

What type of lighting do you use? Natural light, indoor light, studio lamps, etc.?

I use natural light, and indoor light.  I dont have a light box, so I use my windows.  It can be troublesome when its cloudy for days on end, but when it is sunny, the pictures come out amazing. 

Do you use a lightbox (purchased or diy?)?
Nope! But I would love to get one eventually.

Do you use a specific background?
Actually yes.  In the beginning, I used to use a placemat (it was green and tropical themed).
(the placemat as the background..)

  But now I use either my table..or yes..my chair, or even the railing outside .  Haha.

(my chair..aka background for blog pics..)

What does your photographing setup usually look like?

Those are my setups.  Either my table/chair or the railings outside.  If its too cold out (as it has been ) I'll use the table and chair.  The table and chair are right next to the windows, so they get a lot of light.

What is your top photographing tip for a beginner blogger?
You dont need fancy equipment.  Just take a few pictures, see what works for you.  Also, reach out to other beauty bloggers and ask their advice on what you should use.  You dont need the fanciest camara..a cell phone can work.  As I've shown, I've used a placemat as a background.  Its all up to you. Trial and Error. 

For fun: If you could upgrade your photographing equipment today, what would you buy?
A light box.  So that I wouldnt be dependent on sunny days!

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