Monday, July 22, 2013

Final Word On Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments in Downtown Brown.

My previous post was my inital thoughts on Maybellines Color Tattoo Pure Pigment in Downtown Brown (click HERE to see my first post).  I'm here now to tell you my final thoughts.  Some stuff may be a repeat of my previous post forgive me for repeating myself.

(Left: Swatched heavily with Brush/ Right Sponge Applicator)

(indoor lighting)
(Left: Swatched heavily with Brush/ Right Sponge Applicator)

So now I've done everything I can with this.  I've tried:

*No Primer & Applied with brush: Sheer and resulted in a ton of fallout
*No Primer and Applied with Sponge Applicator: Much better color (less sheer), slightly less fallout
*Primer and Applied with Brush & Sponge Applicator: As long as you use a primer you should have no problem applying this.  A brush resulted in sheerer color, but at least it was much more vibrant, and a lot less fallout.  A sponge over primer yielded the best color, and controlled the fallout much better.

The color of this actually is nice.  Its a regular medium brown with glitter in it.  Not chunky, but noticable to the naked eye, and on your cheeks if you dont use primer.  This is good for a brown smokey eye or a simple "I'm in a rush" lid color.  

The wear time on these varied depending on how you applied and whether or not you primed you lids.  Without, this faded away within 3/4 hours.  Over primer this lasted 6 hours before it started to fade and crease.

Overall: Aside from a few "personal" issues I have with this (color is soo wrong for  me..and contains glitter), this isnt too bad when used over primer..  You can get nice vibrant color, while using a sponge (or a brush if you prefer).  I dont find the container to be super messy, and I didnt get the eyeshadow everywhere which was nice. 

I'd say not a must have, but definitely a nice offering from Maybelline.

$5.99 @ Target/Ulta

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