Thursday, May 2, 2013

Oliy skin update 1.

So in the spirit of trying to get my oily skin under control, I've forgone all foundation / bb cream etc.  I read online  that there are a few simple things you can do to help avoid breakouts, and curb oily skin.

"Dairy makes skin break out"
Take away my tea?! Do you know what that does to an English person?  My grandmother was English (grew up in England english..and she was very cool).  I grew up drinking tea!  With her, with my dad.. not to mention you cant have cereal without milk, and I love while I'm not going to forgo all dairy, I will try to cut some of it down.

"Drink lots of water"
Drinking water is good for your whole body and well being, not just your this is a good habit to start..

Its a very boring life..drinking just water (and tea).

BUT I have noticed a change in my skin.  Its not huge..its still oily, but its a lot less cranky.  The breakouts have lessened, and my skin is a lot less dull.  Ok, so drinking lots of water is a good idea on the whole, and it helps with oily skin. WIN.

"Avoid salty snacks"
Umm .  Sorry internet, do you even know me?  I LIVE for salty snacks.  Plus, I work at Walgreens.  What am I supposed to munch on ?  "Nice" brand stuff?  No thank you! I'd like some flavor please.  Some salty snacky flavor.

This one, despite my stomachs protests, I jumped into wholeheartedly   I've been avoiding salty snacks at work, and home.  Its been hard.  I can hear the chips calling out to me.."Eat me..I'm delicious!"  I just shoot them a stare and move on to the nutrigrain (which..may have a lot of salt in it..who doesn't taste salty).    This however, has helped my skin tremendously.  My face is a lot less red, sweaty, irritated and clearer.  I haven't had any major breakouts ( just smaller ones here and there).  So while my stomach may hate me, this one I'll keep up.

Lessons learned?
*Water is good for the whole body
*Virginia has a hard time giving up dairy
*Giving up salty snacks makes skin happier.

What do you all think?  I've been trying out a scrub by Origins (which is AMAZE).  I cant figure out a good moisturizer though...any tips?

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