Wednesday, April 10, 2013

An Eyeliner I almost loved. Review & Swatch! Milani Eye Tech Bold Liquid Liner in Black


Hello all!  Time for another review!  This time its an eyeliner! (A liquid one at that!) I'll wait a few moments for the shock to wear off.


Ok... I dont know about anyone else, but I'm into the super thick eyeliner look.  I have hooded eyes,and as a glasses wearer, sometimes its hard to bring (good) attention to the eyes.  Plus, lets be honest..thicker eyeliner on the upper lid if you mess it easier to hide.

I'm just being honest here people.'s what Milani says about their new Bold Liquid liner: "The next installment of our best-selling Eye Tech series goes BOLD! The bold felt-tip point creates a variety of dramatic winged looks in one stroke application.  Smear & smudge-proof, this liner lasts all day. Paraben-free."(source)

All sounds awesome..and it was.  Until my town decided to warm up, and I began to sweat a bit..and then...well..I got sad.

First the good!  

I've decided that big marker style liquid pens are definitely my thing.  If they can help someone like me (poor hand eye co-ordination..blind w.o her glasses), apply liquid liner..then hell..anyone can do it.  I loved applying this.  I was even able to do winged eyeliner.. YES. I looked awesome!  Not only that, but I was able to do it for 4 days in a row!  The liner isnt completely opaque, but its black enough.  I was able to go over the line and get it darker, and it applied smoothly without tugging.  On the cooler days, this lasted 8 hours with little fading and no smudging.

Then the "warm front" hit (went up to the 60's), and it all went downhill.

I was in the bathroom (admiring my handwork), when I rubbed my eye a bit (oops), and much to my surprise (and sadness!) some of the eyeliner came off! I tried both eyes, and it was undeniable.  If you have oily lids..or if it gets wet will come right off. Easily.  I tested it.  Comes off pretty easily with water. doesnt say "Waterproof".  BUT.  It does say "smear free" and that it "lasts all day".

*I dont understand how it can be sweat and smear free..but be easily removed with soap and water?*

Oh Milani.  You had me.  You so did.  You made me almost able to apply liquid liner.  Why the smearing and rubbing away?!

Overall:  I hate to say this, but I cant recommend this.  As much as I loved how easy it was to apply (I really did love it..), the smearing and rubbing away kills it.  The whole point of liquid eyeliner is that it should last all day (or at least withstand sweat).  If it comes off with a little bit of sweat from 60* weather, things dont look good for when we get into summer and we truly need something long lasting.

.08 fl oz

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  1. Sorry to hear this sucked. I really was hoping this would be a good PUNKER dupe :/


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