Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A few changes around here... New FTC Rules and Regulations

Things might be getting a little cluttered around here..

The FTC recently changed their rules regarding disclosure, and the rules for blogs have become more strict.

Instead of just posting a disclosure at the bottom of a post, we need to have it at the top and that you know straight off the bat if we've been sent a sample, sponsored post..etc.

What does that mean for my blog?

I pay for 99.9% of the stuff on here.  I'm still a newbie in the beauty blogoverse.  I dont get sent press samples, I dont get emails asking me to write about a product (sponsored post) ...none of that.  I'm not hating on those who do..I'm just saying I'm not at that level yet. So for us here, at Siren'll be seeing these buttons I made :

(if you're curious I actually used this signature making site..Cool Tools)

There are links on the side that if you click, I get a penny?  I've never made any money off of those, and I dont even include them in my posts because its just advertising.  Not promoting..its just there.  

So from now on, you'll always know if I received a sample (99.9% from Sephora), or if I bought it myself.  

If you'd like a more thorough summery of the rules..visit Pammy over at Pammy Blogs Beauty or go over to Beauty and Fashion Tech Blog

*If you're curious you can also visit and read my Disclosure Statement*

Thank you- we will now return to our regularly scheduled beauty programming.

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