Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Swatches and Impressions! Urban Decay's Smoked Eyeliner Palette

Soooo remember when I said I wouldnt procrastinate anymore? Well, I tried ..but here I am, posting these pics late.  Sigh.. Oh well!  While this Smoked Eyeliner set may not be available from Sephora anymore, it is available from the Urban Decay website..so it shouldnt be too hard to find right?

(L-R: Uzi, Zero, Demolition, Smog, Empire, & Mainline)

(close up of Uzi, Zero,  & Demolition)

(Close up of Smog, Empire, & Mainline)

If you haven't picked this up and you're thinking of ordering from Urban Decay.. definitely give these a try.  They're excellent. Great pigmentation, smooth and last forever!  They're not full size though, they're only .8g of product which is a little more then half the size of the regular pencils (which are 1.2g ) .  However, they pack a big punch.  Its nice to have some variety aside from basic black.  Mainline in particular is a gorgeous teal that I LOVE.

(Comparison-Full size UD eyeliner on top/Demolition on bottom)

Colors: (as described from the UD site)
Uzi: Gunmetal taupe w/silver micro-glitter
Zero: Zealous black
Demolition: Deep brown matte
Smog: Copper *New Shade
Empire: Dark eggplant satin
Mainline: Dark green/blue matte *New Shade

Have these? Picked them up yet?

*24$ from UrbanDecay.com
*Bought this myself/my opinion
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  1. I've swatched these in store and they are so lovely. Glide on easily and the colour payoff is amazing.... remind me why i didnt bother to pick any up?! haha

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

    1. These are definitely worth it. Not only for the quality, but they're practically full sized. A full sized eyeliner is $19, while you get 6 of these for $24! (thats like 4 bucks an eyeliner.)


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