Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Social Week 36!

Hi all..This week has been rough. My daughter and hubby both came down with the flu..when we're supposed to be packing to move..ahhh.

1. What was your first car?
umm..ok. so i haven't had my first yet.  Some daddy issues and rebellion kept me from getting my license, that and the fact that I live in Westchester   We're lucky that we have an very good public transit system and up until I had my daughter I never needed a car. The hubby does have his license, and when need be, we borrow our inlaw's car.  But for me, I've never driven or had that "first car" experience

2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
Mrs. Adler at Hauppauge Middle School, and Mr. Backelman of PCHS. Both were English teachers who wouldn't take my crap. When I did bare minimum ..they pushed me to do more and work harder. They greatly influenced me, and I appreciate them for that.

(a picture of my HS and the Tower. I loved my HS).

(I only went here for a few months before having to move, but it made a huge impression on me)

3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
No..hahaha. I left the sports to my twin.  However, I did volunteer at Big brothers/big sisters. I earned a whole credit and a half!

4. What was your favorite birthday party?
My 25th. My husband threw me a surprise birthday party , and even invited my family! My brother was supposed to show up..but did..however that didn't stop the epic uno games we played.

5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?
Johnathan Taylor Thomas! I loved him hardcore! Had his pictures up on the wall and whatnot..even a calender   90s kids..u know what I mean.  Smart and good looking? Yes please!

(omg..look at those blue eyes!) 

6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
Believe it or not..Rugrats. I KNOW. They thought the blond girl Angelica was a bully.

Who was your teen crush? Share in the comments!

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