Thursday, February 7, 2013

Review & Swatches! New* Maybelline Color Whisper lipcolor in Pin Up Peach & Coral Ambition!

Hello all!  Time for another review! New from Maybelline Color Whispers.  Are they lipsticks? Lip butters? a hybrid? Eh.  Keep reading to find out more!

Here's what Maybelline has to say about their Color Whisper:
"Pure color pigments suspended in a weightless gel.No heavy waxes or oils. Soft, sexy gel-color." (source)

These arent too shabby!  Ready for some pics and swatches?

(Coral Ambition)

(Pin up Peach)

(Top-Coral Ambition-Bottom-Pin up Peach)

I live in the NE, and we've had a bit of a cold snap here.  Up until recently, the days barely inched into the 20's (as the HIGH).  That's cold, even for us. So, while these wont replace my beloved blistex, they are nice for when it gets up into the 40's and I don't need something extra thick. 

These are sort of like Revlon Lip butters sheerer, shyer cousin.  They're creamy, moisturizing, and more pigmented then I expected with a name like "whisper" .  However they are still sheer.  They need to be built up a bit to make it slightly opaque.   I will say I was a bit surprised by the colors turned out. Pin up Peach is a sort of pinky peach , and Coral Ambition reminds me of my Corallista blush (a sheer coral). 

By the way..I love the sleek packaging.  The silver sleek tube is right up my alley.

Anyone up for some lip swatches?

(Pin up Peach)

(Coral Ambition)

I swear I didn't miss-label those pics.  That is truly what both of them look like (freshly applied).  They have a slight fragrance to them (if you sniff the tube..what? I'm the only one that does that?), but the smell doesn't transfer to the lips.  They also leave no stain once everything wears off.  With eating and drinking, these lasted about 2/3 hours on me before needing to reapply.  There are two downsides to these. One is they do settle into some of the cracks on my lips (see above). and the second is that once the balm and tint wear off, my lips feel dry.

Overall: These are only ok.   They're slightly moisturizing, nicely pigmented,  and are a dream to apply.  .While on the sheer side, they can be built up for nice color. However they leave your lips dry once the balm has worn off, and have a tendency to emphasize my chapped lips. I'll be using them when I want a quick and easy look (with my blistex in my pocket for afterwards..).

*Bought this - all opinions are my own*

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