Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rimmel 50% off at Walgreens!

Hello all my Sirens!!

Any Rimmel fans out there? Anyone whos wanted to try things from Rimmel, but never got the chance?  

Well now's your chance!  Rimmel is currently 50% off at Walgreens!  You WILL need your rewards card (its blue..) for it however.  If you've ever wanted to get your hands on those (wonderful!) Kate Moss lippies..DO IT.  The sale ends Saturday night!

Sale starts: 3/10
Sale ends: 3/16

And in honor of Rimmel being 50% off, I'll be (finally) reviewing some more of Rimmel's new products!

*I did this post on my own accord..I get nothing from this except spreading the joy of Rimmel*

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  1. I tried the Kate lipsticks but didn't like any shade but the texture .. love it! Stop by won't you!

    1. Thats ok! Their bronzers are pretty good, and their new kohl kajal eyeliners are amazing:) Plus if you dont like anything ..keep the receipt and return it! (joys of drugstore shopping!) and I will stop by!


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