Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Social Week 1!

Howdy! Its time for another Sunday Social! Grab some hot cocoa, and lets get to know each other for a bit!

This week for me was quiet.  We had some snow (which of course required snowball fights), and other that, my family and I are still recovering from Christmas and New Years (soo many toysss!!)

This weeks questions are all about the new year!

1. Do you plan to change any of your eating habits in the new year?
I would like to try to cut down carbs (though its hard..I love my pasta..). Also, I'd like to try to eat breakfast more.

2. Any workout tips to get us back in shape after the Holidays?
MAKE IT FUN! I like to jog around my apartment (tiny as it is) for 30 min a day (a few times a week).  I do it while my shows are on, so I jog in place around the tv, race my little one around the house.  If you're enjoying what you're doing, then it doesnt seem as hard. 

3. What is your favorite thing you did over the Holidays?
Without a doubt, the trip out to LI.  I spent the whole time with my cousins, grandma, and hubby, and it was grand! 

4. What is something you hope that you accomplish in 2013 that you did not in 2012?
 I'd like to get a better job, and move into Greenwich. Those are the two biggies.

5. Name 3 things happening this year you are excited about and why.
1)Excited to be moving back to Conn. (It means a nicer apartment-Yay!)
2)Excited to be spending more time with my cousin. She and I have reconnected as adults, and as adults, we are both awesome.
3) I'm actually not overly excited about this, but my little girl will be starting school this year. While I'm going to have some serious seperation anxiety, I'm excited for her to make friends, and have fun. The first few years of school are very important, so as much as I hate admitting it, my girl is growing up :/

What about u? Feel free to answer in the comments below!

*Sunday Social is run by Ashleyscarnivalride &acompletewasteofmakeup.  Its a great way for our readers to get to know us a little better.  If you're a newbie blogger (or would simply like to join), go on over to one of those to ladies awesome blogs , and sign up.*

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