Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Makeup New Years Resolutions!

Oh loyal readers! I've had this post in my head for over a week..why why did I procrastinate so long about posting it?!  Ehh.  Its a part of who I am.  I am a procrastinator   But I love my blog and all  of you readers, so from now on, I will not procrastinate here.  

I have a couple of "normal" New Years Resolutions, but I'm not even sure if they're considered "resolutions". They're basically a small list of things I'd like to accomplish this year (and non of them involve exercising more). 

That being said, I do actually have some legit NYR for this year.  

1. Shop my stash!
Holey Moley. I have quite a bit.  I think all Beauty Bloggers tend to hoard their stuff a little bit, and as a result, the good stuff gets shoved to the side in place of whats new. So instead of buying anything new, I want to rediscover my old loves and use my makeup (instead of leaving it to just look pretty).

2.Be more choosy with what I buy for myself.
A lot of what I buy is is bought just to review (in case you're wondering, I do use a lot of what I review here). Some of what I buy however, is just for me, and I'd like this year to be more about quality. Also, not be as afraid to return what I dont like.  There are a lot of great things from both the drugstore, and higher end stores.

3. Wear a little something on my face everyday. 
Going to sound crazy, but I normally only wear makeup 2/3 days a week.  I always feel better when I wear it, but honestly , sometimes its so much wooorrkk.. However, it does make me look (and feel ) put together, so  from now on I resolve to wear at least one piece of makeup on my face every day.

What are your NYR?  Think mine are any good?

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