Monday, January 14, 2013

Garnier BB Cream Oil Free in Light-Medium. Review and Swatches!

Hello my pretties!  Today I have a new review for you!  Get ready...its Garnier's new Oil Free BB Cream!

I did a review this past summer on their Original version, and I mentioned then that I'd seen an Oily Skin version. This is the version they released for the US.  I dont know if the UK and US version are different...I'm only reviewing what I have.

That all being said..lets see what Garnier says:
"Instantly controls Shine, Minimizes Pores, Evens, Hydrates" (according to box).
Not bad.  I would have enjoyed the original version more if the stuff hadn't melted off my face and was a better shade match.  Wanna know how this fared? Keep reading!

Click to enlarge pics.

The lotion is vastly different from the original.  There are some added mattifying ingredients, and the shade when compared to the original that came out, is actually a hair more orange.  Also, which I admit annoyed me once I realized it, this BB cream is only 2 oz.  Half an ounce less then the original.  Why discriminate against oily skinned babes?

As for how this did?  Not too shabby!  It evened out my skin nicely, and did a good job of keeping the oilies at bay.  However, it did look slightly powdery once it dried down, and settled into some fine lines around my eyes and mouth. 

How does this differ from the Original?
  • No Citrus smell.  The original had a pleasant citrusy smell, that I rather enjoyed   The scent for this reminds me of sunscreen
  • Light/Medium for this slightly more orange then Light/Medium for the Original.
  • .5oz less in Oily skin version then the Original. 

I apologize, no face shots.  I couldn't take a picture of my face with this on.  The original is actually lighter then this version, so while the other version could pass (and I could go outside with it on), this one definitely made my face orange.

(Ingredients for your viewing pleasure)

(Original on left/Oily skin version on right)

(Oily skin version swatch)

Overall:  My face looks brighter, less dull, and shine free!  If only the shade match was better, then I would definitely use this everyday.  So I recommend gals with Combo/Oily skin to definitely give this a try! However, since it makes me look like I'm wearing a (very pretty) orange mask, I will probably give this away to my cousin (who's olive skinned).

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