Sunday, June 10, 2012

Blush Series Conclusion! Nars!

I've decided to finish off my blush series with a little bit of NARS for your viewing and giggling pleasure.  I was going to include the Maybelline bouncy blushes, however I cant quite get the hang of them, so I'll leave them for another time.  NARS has some of the sexiest names for their line.  I know its immature, but who doesn't giggle at the name Orgasm?  Anyway, there's not much bad that I can say about NARS blushes.  They're long lasting, super pigmented , blendable, and come in a range of colors to suit every skin tone.  The one minus for me is that here they run 28$ at Sephora.  However, you get a huge pan with .16oz, which is nice.  Also, considering how pigmented the blushes are, just one will last you a loooonngg time.  Now here are some pics and swatches for your viewing and giggling pleasure.

P.S. I realize as a twenty something yr old, I should not be giggling at names like Orgasm, and Deep Throat..but I do.  We ALL do. Just admit it..its ok:)

(Sex Appeal)

(Deep Throat - in direct sunlight)

(Orgasm-in direct sunlight)

(click to enlarge)

Just a quick little blurb on the colors.  Sex Appeal is a matte light pink. There's no shimmer, no sparkles, no sheen. Just a beautiful light pink.  Deep Throat and Orgasm both have shimmer and a little bit of sparkles (Orgasm definitely more then Deep Throat).  Deep throat is a pink with a hint of peach and shimmer, and Orgasm is a classic peachy pink with golden sheen (shimmer and sparkles included).  Orgasm is super super pigmented, and while the color is beautiful, its easy to overdo.  If you want something thats pigmented, but not as BAM in your face with the shimmer etc, Deep Throat is a good choice.  

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