Monday, April 30, 2012

Target Beauty Bag!

Hello all! I thought today I'd share the Target Beauty Bag that I recieved.  Every so often Target has a free beauty bag that has a bunch of free samples and coupons in it.  They go quickly and the past two times I thought I got one, I didnt.  But this time I did! HA!  So I'd like to share what I got with you all.

I got:

  • Travel size of Simple Cleansing facial wipes: I'm actually excited about this because I have the Simple brand lotion and its great!
  • Pantene Shampoo Flat-Vol (travel size): Probably going to give this away. My hair is super long, and if I dont do something to it, its super frizzy and poofy..volume is NOT something I need.  However I have used Pantene shampoos in the past, and its always been a good experience.
  • Nivea Extended Moisture (travel size):  Awesome! I love Nivea.
  • Neutragena Visibly Bright (sample size).  The tube says it "Transforms dull , tired skin to visibly bright and refreshed" .  This is the one thing I'm most excited about.  We have this at my local Walgreens, and I've wanted to try it for a while (however I'm apprehensive about shelling out 9$ for something that may do nothing for me).  I will definitely be trying this..however I'm wondering if i can get more then one use out of it. 
  • Loreal Magic Lumi Primer (sample card):  I've gotten this before.  I'll be giving this away.  I dont generally use primers (the less on my face the happier it is).  I love loreal, and I'm definitly not saying anything bad about it, I'm just not going to be using this.
  • Target Coupon book:  Who doesn't love coupons?
  • SOHO London Makeup bag:  AWESOME.  I have a SOHO London crease brush, and I plan on getting their eyeshadow brush too.  Not bad!  I also love the colors! Perfect for summer. 
All in all, I'm very happy.!  I love recieving packages, and aside from two items, I plan on using everything in my bag:)  

Have you all gotten the Target Beauty Bag before?

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