Friday, March 2, 2012

Review! New Rimmel Match Perfection Blush in Light.

Hello again! Yup time for another review:)  I've been on a bit of a blush kick lately.  I'm not sure why..but I'm becoming sort of obsessed  with finding my perfect shade.  Yes..I still have a few favorites..but I'm looking for something with a bit more pop, but still looks natural.  That being said..when I heard about Rimmels New Match Perfection Blush..I knew I had to have ..look at this stock photo!

(courtesy of google)

Thats not quite what it looks like in lets get on to the review!

This is what the blush looks like in person (shade light)

(direct sunlight)

(indoor lighting-ignore the nick..I accidentally dropped it when I got home :)

As you can see..the color differentiation is a little subtle, and it was hard to get it to show up with my camara.  The other shades in person, have a much more distinct 3-color look.  And I almost even debated getting this one just because it looked different from the rest (however all the light shades looked like this). I love the design on this blush though!  Look how gorgeous it is!

When applying its hard to get the middle darkest shade (I think its supposed to be bronzy) alone.  However, I did have an easy time getting the two lighter shades on the side. When using the single colors alone..its SUPER SUPER subtle.  Even for was practically non existent. However, it is nice to use all 3 colors at once.  If you sweep your blush brush over once or get a subtle flush.  Sweep your brush more then that and you can build the color up.  The color itself (on me) comes off as a soft dusty rose.  The staying power on this however is only ok.  It barely lasted 5 hours before I noticed fading.

The packaging on this is nice and thin.  Though, the top isnt secured in any way, so if youre careful, because I can see the top popping right off.

I didnt include any swatches because (try as I might) , they didnt come out well.  I didnt think that anyone would get a true representation of the colors by the swatches I did.  However, as a whole this is a nice blush, and its one I've been reaching for a lot lately.  I just wish it had better staying power.

(P.s-Walgreens is 50% off on Rimmel this week! ;)

I bought this myself
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